MailGuard Specifications

Firelytics MailGuard Technical Specifications


Managed Email Security Services


Additional Features

  • Anti-DHA/DoS – Company Name combines attack pattern intelligence and traffic volume monitoring to neutralize dark traffic, which can compromise your infrastructure’s integrity.
  • Disaster Recovery – In the event your network becomes unavailable, for any reason, Company Name will queue your email for you and deliver it to you when you come back online.
  • Offsite Quarantine - Spam, viruses, fraud, and other junk messages are stored in our data centers. Easily search through your organization’s quarantine without allowing dangerous messages inside of your network.
  • User Interaction -Users can easily access their individual junk boxes and administer personal email preferences. Daily junk box notifications show each user the content of their junk boxes.

Admin Features – Administer your organization’s email security preferences right down to the individual user. Monitor your organization’s message-flow in real-time with detailed reporting. Quickly modify your configuration as your network evolves.


Managed Email Security Services