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Firelytics MailGuard Managed Email Security Services have been specifically designed to provide maximum email security, while minimizing the costs and headaches commonly associated with other email security systems. We proudly offer our customers a complete line of email security services, with distinct advantages over appliance and software solutions.
Managed Email Security Services

Instant Deployment

Our services require no hardware to buy and no software to install. With a simple change of your domain(s) MX records, your mail is routed through our servers, filtered, and the good messages are then passed on to your network. The entire filtering process typically takes less than a second.

Disaster Recovery

Whenever your network is unavailable due to an outage, scheduled maintenance, or other event, Firelytics MailGuard queues your mail for up to five days, promptly delivering to you when you come back online. Our standard disaster recovery services allow you to focus on restoring your network’s availability, without worrying about lost email.


Bandwidth Conservation

Junk messages are not only a burden to sort through as they arrive in your inbox in-between legitimate correspondence. As the volume of junk messages grow, they continually eat away at your organization’s resources such as bandwidth and storage. Moreover, sudden spikes in spam and viruses can severely impact or even shut down your mail servers. MailGuard solves this problem by pushing the battle against junk email entirely outside of your network. Our Pre-Network platform ensures only messages classified as genuine enter your infrastructure. The result is a significant savings in bandwidth, which can be observed through our reporting features.


Cost Reduction

  • No Upfront Investment &ndash MailGuard operates on a simple subscription basis. There are no contracts, and you may cancel at any time for a pro-rated refund.
  • Nothing to Upgrade – Our upgrades are performed in-house, and never require you to purchase an upgrade license or new hardware.
  • No Maintenance – Our core focus is to provide industry-leading technology, to keep pace with evolving email threats. We are constantly refining and tuning our technology to provide the best possible performance to our customers. Our professionals keep pace with today’s threats, so you don’t have to.


Managed Email Security Services